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Happy New Year- 2012

I can’t believe that it’s 2012!

I remember being in High School (maybe 5 years ago ) ok not really but it feels like it and they would talk about the year 2012 and how the Mayan calendar just stops. I thought ” Good grief! 2012? Are you serious that is like forever away!”

Little did i know how wrong i was.

My kids return to school tomorrow and i am back to playing taxi service for 4 of them.

I thought wow with them home i am going to get so much writing done. Not even close! I am working on the follow-up to The Amulet- called The Talisman. I am a little over 200 pages¬† into it and just hit 56000 words. I have only written 6000 of them during the break. In between playing, cooking, cleaning, refereeing, did i mention cleaning? In my dream world i would have one of those cute little people who live in Disneyland. You know the ones that follow people around and clean up after them? I wouldn’t need one for each of us. I am thinking there is 7 soon to be 8 of us so let’s go with 4!

That would be perfect!

I would get so much done.

Until then I will continue to be everything to everyone. My fantasy world will have to wait till dinner is done.


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One thought on “Happy New Year- 2012

  1. Oh, my, I hear you on that one. Starting tomorrow, the full-time chauffeur, cook, shopper, etc., etc. begins for me as well. But at least I can focus more on my writing with the kiddies in school. Your 6,000 words over break beat mine by far!

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